Virginia Believes Technology Will Help Shape Her Future

Hi! My name is Virgina Baran
I'm from Soroca and a 9th grade student

"I joined GirlsGoIT local club in Soroca some weeks ago because i want learn technology, i believe it will help me shape my future!

I am participating in the spring bootcamp because i want to learn HTML and CSS so that i can create my own custom blog, where i can share my ideas, thoughts and feelings, to friends and people so that they can comment, provide feedback on my designed work.

In my school, we only study pascal, which is boring and not interesting to me. I think it should be changed from the school curriculum. It will be different for me when i go back to school and meet my peers and share my experience. Especially my teacher, who i believe have no knowledge about HTML and CSS, because they never thought us in school."

As we are approaching the fourth-week of spring bootcamp, ambassadors are excited to have their web on blogs for story-telling, present their works, arts and many more. They are really coding!

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