Daniela PUCHKOV - In fact, things were designed in such way at the camp, that learning was like a quest in a video game

My name is Daniela, i participated in the first GirlsGoIT summer camp. Here is my perspective of the program

June 2015. While surfing through the web, my attention was caught by an attractive article, which was talking about a summer camp, put together, exclusively for girls. Information well put, posters well designed, coordinated by an organization I had not heard of before. They had the application process open, and, though enticed, I hesitated to apply, because the camp had the name GirlsGoIT, meaning that, if accepted, I would make a step into the field I was fiercely scared of, because back then, it seemed like the world of the unknown, the land where a girl’s foot better not step, for it was too dangerous and impossible to survive (especially for someone like me, who viewed computers as machines, who were intentionally designed in a complex and difficult way, just to get people confused.)

Nevertheless, I have sent my application, and, strangely enough, got accepted. Right at that moment, I saw the camp as the surest way to become a hacker, or a high level programmer. My imagination worked in a funny way, because it made me think that after the 2 weeks of courses, I would come back as a completely different person, who will have found “the secret” of how to understand computers, and would be able to break into the database of any organization like a pro.

If any girls still think the same as I did, I will have to disappoint you, ladies. Girls Go IT will not make a programmer out of you; no matter how hard they try. They will give you something better than that though. They will make you view the field of Informational Technologies as a way of CREATION and you will find yourself in the field of unlimited possibilities, fascinating ideas and great power to solve the problems around you in ways you have not imagined existed before. 

The other remarkable trait of the program (which I still haven’t found an explanation to) is how unbelievable helpful, fun and kind everyone around you is. The camp has completely destroyed the stereotypes of programmers being moody, selfish and cold people, who mostly build relationships with their computers. 

In the 2 editions of the camp I have met the biggest number of wonderful people, gather in one place, who created the atmosphere of a family where everyone (mentor or participant) helped each other and were not afraid to combine the fun with learning. In fact, things were designed in such way at the camp, that learning was like a quest in a video game (and not like a boring lecture), where we would advance with our projects, be rewarded and entertained, while receiving satisfaction from seeing results of our work and acknowledging our growth.

The third, and probably the most meaningful part of this program, is the enormous world of opportunities it opens to you. It encourages you and gives you a helpful push to take the challenge and start a career in the field of technologies. You receive the team’s support even after the end of the program, for they truly care about you finding the courage to go where very few go, and to prove that girls are worth being taken as good engineers and experts in the field.