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GirlsGoIT showed me that i can go in the Field of Technology

My name is Corina Sclifos, I'm a computer science student (UTM - computer science and microelectronics computer science, facultate anglofona-FAF). My road of self-knowledge and determination has gone through several stages. One of these stages was GirlsGoIT. This program showed me I can do IT, I can be a programmer and I can reach it. My message to girls:

"Do not be afraid to try and learn something new and apply this knowledge in practice. Forget the words "I can not, it's not mine, I do not think I will succeed" because these words prevent us from knowing who we are and what we can. Maybe programming is not a fix but after you try, you will be sure of it and you will not continue to regret the missed chance seeing other girls in this program do something wonderful. Try and in the end you will find out more about yourself and your desires. Do not miss the chance to discover the IT world"

My GirlsGoIT Experience

My first experience with GirlsGoIT was the first Summer Camp in 2015. It was hard but interesting. That's where I learned what it means to be a programmer. There I met girls who had the same dream as I did, and which I was later fortunate to meet at college. I was enthusiastic to join in the local club but unfortunately for a short time, because at that time I had to prepare myself for the final examinations that to a certain extent determined my future.

In October 2017, i was a mentor for kids at the CoderDojo. I would like to encourage them to study IT and help them to understand that computer science is fun.

Corina is also involved with Atelier99 hardware and engineering workshop at the Technical University Moldova - UTM.